“Siggard has seen many things in his life, and remembers them fondly. However some things are not so fond to Siggard as others. If you wish to know of Siggard’s life before he was the master of coin here you only need to ask good Siggard. Siggard will tell you, but be warned the tale is quite fascinating and may cause you to weep and cheer at Siggard. Siggard was born in Bah’thal to a merchant, who was a son of a merchant, who was the son of a merchant, who was the son of a cattle farmer. Siggard thought this life was quite fine especially the coin Siggard would have to spend on the ladies, drugs, and alcohol. Siggard found that the slave trading was quite profitable, however many tribes in Bah’thal frown on such things, and take one’s hand or manhood for dealing in such things. Siggard wished not to lose his most prized possession. He began to trade more and more in Rokvar, as the fair haired and skinned men and woman saw such things to be not so bad. Siggard had to learn to say all the slaves were obtained through battle, that way the Rokvar people would accept such things. Siggard had very much coin and was very happy. However Siggard found his business was ruined by this stick in the rear paladin named Reinold or some nonsense. Siggard was much displeased until he was hired by Lady Cressida, and everything was good for Siggard again.”

-Siggard speaking at the 5th council meeting of Talahm.



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